32nd Annual Headdress Ball – Fantasy Fest 2014 & #50 Shades of Weird

Pick up the camera. Throw on the Tutu and a little Weird headgear and head out…Destination?  The 32nd Annual Headdress Ball – Animelistic Head Trip.

This is billed as the ‘The premiere gay event of Fantasy Fest.” It is an annual fundraiser for the KW Business Guild, one of the oldest Gay and Lesbian Chambers of Commerce. And in Key West, we also celebrate our one Human Family.  The brainchild and awareness campaign envisioned by the amazing JT Thompsom – local artist and visionary. His “One Human Family” bumper stickers have touched thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people worldwide — JT has printed and given out over 1 million stickers.

JT Thompson - Creator of One Human Family

JT Thompson – Creator of One Human Family

All good. All Weird. Anyway back to the Ball. Tuesday night’s Headdress Ball not only has the most creative contestants, but also some very creative and weird attendees.  It’s a ball, you get dressed up for a ball…it’s all about decorating your head. Enjoy a few images:


2014 Headdress Ball

2014 Headdress Ball


Fantasy Fest 2014 King Shane Hall


HeaddressBall-07 HeaddressBall-08

HeaddressBall-09 HeaddressBall-10

HeaddressBall-11 HeaddressBall-12

HeaddressBall-15 HeaddressBall-16

HeaddressBall-17 HeaddressBall-26

HeaddressBall-27 HeaddressBall-59


Sponsor – Key West Pub


HeaddressBall-79 HeaddressBall-80



Rude Girl & Molly Blue

Rude Girl & Molly Blue



Howard Livingston

HeaddressBall-21 HeaddressBall-22 HeaddressBall-24 HeaddressBall-32 HeaddressBall-49 HeaddressBall-60 HeaddressBall-66

HeaddressBall-41 HeaddressBall-42


HeaddressBall-04 HeaddressBall-28

HeaddressBall-76 HeaddressBall-77





HeaddressBall-03 HeaddressBall-35 HeaddressBall-36 HeaddressBall-38 HeaddressBall-39 HeaddressBall-40 HeaddressBall-44 HeaddressBall-45 HeaddressBall-46 HeaddressBall-48 HeaddressBall-54 HeaddressBall-55 HeaddressBall-56 HeaddressBall-57 HeaddressBall-58 HeaddressBall-62 HeaddressBall-64


HeaddressBall-68 HeaddressBall-69



Key West Dreamcatcher





A most wonderful and weird show. Thank you to all the Weirds that made it so fabulous!

Cheers & Stay Weird

The Key West Juggler

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Zombies on Duval St. – 50 Shades of Weird

50ShadesOfWeird-fb header-3

Weird.  Weird is good. Weird comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and means of expression. And in Key West, October’s Fantasy Fest™ week has become the Weirdest, most expressive week of them all.  It’s the Motherload of Weird.


From Zombie Bike Rides to 6 foot Pirates on Duval St. to Super Heroes wearing TuTus, to way-out body painting, it’s sometimes sexy, sometimes kinky or funny. The TuTu has become the standard accessory choice of many…I don’t do the double-take anymore when I see a 6’5” man wearing a TuTu…actually I don’t blink at much anymore. I embrace, smile, chuckle, sometimes cringe and then share.  Join me, in the Spirit of the Key West Juggler, in sharing some Wonderful Key West Weirdness.

Zombies-DuvalSt-02 Zombies-DuvalSt-05 Zombies-DuvalSt-06 Zombies-DuvalSt-12 Zombies-DuvalSt-14 Zombies-DuvalSt-16 Zombies-DuvalSt-17 Zombies-DuvalSt-24 Zombies-DuvalSt-26 Zombies-DuvalSt-28 Zombies-DuvalSt-29 Zombies-DuvalSt-32 Zombies-DuvalSt-34 Zombies-DuvalSt-40 Zombies-DuvalSt-41

Keep Calm and Stay Weird.  Stay Weird and Go Pro.

You are so not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Cheers & Enjoy Fantasy Festivities,

The Juggler

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Key West Green Market – July 31st

We usually set up at the new Key West Green Market, but this week the weather started out a bit threatening and we were scared off – didn’t relish the thought of our apparel and artwork getting soaked. So, Plan B – let’s meet all the wonderfully weird vendors….KW-GreenMarket-July31-01 KW-GreenMarket-July31-06 KW-GreenMarket-July31-07 KW-GreenMarket-July31-09 KW-GreenMarket-July31-10 KW-GreenMarket-July31-12 KW-GreenMarket-July31-14 KW-GreenMarket-July31-15 KW-GreenMarket-July31-20 KW-GreenMarket-July31-21 KW-GreenMarket-July31-34 KW-GreenMarket-July31-36

and shoppers:


KW-GreenMarket-July31-21 KW-GreenMarket-July31-23 KW-GreenMarket-July31-28 KW-GreenMarket-July31-29 KW-GreenMarket-July31-30 KW-GreenMarket-July31-39 KW-GreenMarket-July31-41Full gallery of photos available here:  MicheleMarieKeyWest

Stay Green. Stay Weird.

The Juggler & the Weird Sisters

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Hemingway Days-34th Annual Celebration

Hemingway Days-Running with the Bulls

Hemingway Days-Running with the Bulls

Key West has been a drinking town with a tourist problem long before we celebrated Ernest Hemingway’s birthday here. This year marked the 115th anniversary of Hemingway’s birth and the 34th annual Look-Alike contest. Nothing is more fascinating than seeing over a hundred grown men in Running of the Bulls gear hanging out at Sloppy Joe’s on a hot and steamy Saturday afternoon. You might think you had a few too many cocktails a la Hemingway and are seeing double, triple, etc. then you get it. It’s another wonderfully weird and unique Key West celebration.

The celebration started Wednesday evening at Smokin’ Tuna Saloon. The candidates gathered, sized each other up and were greeted by the Honorary Mayor Gonzo Mays.


The week finishes up with a running or rather walking of the Bulls. The bulls lead the parade with a Papa as a rider around the block and back to Sloppy Joe’s on Duval. It is quite a sight to see. Complete with rum and plenty of Hemingway swagger.

20140719-CaribbeanStFair-201820140719-CaribbeanStFair-202020140719-CaribbeanStFair-2037 20140719-CaribbeanStFair-2041    20140719-CaribbeanStFair-2016  20140719-CaribbeanStFair-2088 20140719-CaribbeanStFair-207620140719-CaribbeanStFair-208120140719-CaribbeanStFair-204920140719-CaribbeanStFair-2095 20140719-CaribbeanStFair-2090    20140719-CaribbeanStFair-2069









Even the locals get festive and dress up, but these two, Gina Maserrati & Porsche are always festive:

And who won, you ask? Why Wally Collins a restaurateur from Arizona won. It was his 6th attempt. He’s shown here posing with his son, a young Ernest contestant. Congrats & Cheers Wally!

20140716-Hemingways-Gonzo-2149     If you are interested in more pictures from the events or would like to purchase a digital file or print check out Michele Marie Photography.

Cheers & Stay Weird,

The Juggler

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Key West Where The Weird Go Pro™ merchandise now available at Silver Key Lingerie


“We are so crazy thrilled to be selling Key West Where The Weird Go Pro™  apparel and gifts at Silver Key Lingerie. Sophie & Carrie have such a classy and beautiful lingerie boutique and are such a great part of the Key West experience.  It’s going to be a very fun and weird partnership.”

Michele & Connie

The Weird Sisters

Silver Key Lingerie, 1108 White St., Key West  (305) 707-2721:

silverkey-fb-1 silverkey-fb-4 silverkey-fb-5 silverkey-fb-6 silverkey-fb-7 silverkey-fb-8 silverkey-fb-9

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