People Watching: Hats, PIzza & The Porch

Some nights you just have to be spontaneous – have no plan and do a little People Watching.

Don’s Place – Hat People. I love this group of weird hat wearing peeps. I love hats. Everyone had a hat. They even brought spare hats. We don’t wear cool hats enough anymore – Remember the 50s and all the dapper men wore their hat?  Bring back the cool hat wearing for no reason other than you possess a wonderful weird style.


Key Weird Newbies – Welcome!


Pizza – wearing a hat makes you hungry. Angelina’s Pizza solves that problem and it is a great people watching nook. Not to mention the freshly squeezed spirits from the Tree Bar…ImageImage


Yes, there is always that ‘one weird guy’, but he was having so much fun, we couldn’t resist – he earned his sticker.

Had to stop at The Porch – say hi to Landon & Grubby.Image

Meet some local dogs – always forget that The Porch is dog friendly – weird!



Good night and stay weird, my friends!

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