Key West Green Market – July 31st

We usually set up at the new Key West Green Market, but this week the weather started out a bit threatening and we were scared off – didn’t relish the thought of our apparel and artwork getting soaked. So, Plan B – let’s meet all the wonderfully weird vendors….KW-GreenMarket-July31-01 KW-GreenMarket-July31-06 KW-GreenMarket-July31-07 KW-GreenMarket-July31-09 KW-GreenMarket-July31-10 KW-GreenMarket-July31-12 KW-GreenMarket-July31-14 KW-GreenMarket-July31-15 KW-GreenMarket-July31-20 KW-GreenMarket-July31-21 KW-GreenMarket-July31-34 KW-GreenMarket-July31-36

and shoppers:


KW-GreenMarket-July31-21 KW-GreenMarket-July31-23 KW-GreenMarket-July31-28 KW-GreenMarket-July31-29 KW-GreenMarket-July31-30 KW-GreenMarket-July31-39 KW-GreenMarket-July31-41Full gallery of photos available here:  MicheleMarieKeyWest

Stay Green. Stay Weird.

The Juggler & the Weird Sisters

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