Zombies on Duval St. – 50 Shades of Weird

50ShadesOfWeird-fb header-3

Weird.  Weird is good. Weird comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and means of expression. And in Key West, October’s Fantasy Fest™ week has become the Weirdest, most expressive week of them all.  It’s the Motherload of Weird.


From Zombie Bike Rides to 6 foot Pirates on Duval St. to Super Heroes wearing TuTus, to way-out body painting, it’s sometimes sexy, sometimes kinky or funny. The TuTu has become the standard accessory choice of many…I don’t do the double-take anymore when I see a 6’5” man wearing a TuTu…actually I don’t blink at much anymore. I embrace, smile, chuckle, sometimes cringe and then share.  Join me, in the Spirit of the Key West Juggler, in sharing some Wonderful Key West Weirdness.

Zombies-DuvalSt-02 Zombies-DuvalSt-05 Zombies-DuvalSt-06 Zombies-DuvalSt-12 Zombies-DuvalSt-14 Zombies-DuvalSt-16 Zombies-DuvalSt-17 Zombies-DuvalSt-24 Zombies-DuvalSt-26 Zombies-DuvalSt-28 Zombies-DuvalSt-29 Zombies-DuvalSt-32 Zombies-DuvalSt-34 Zombies-DuvalSt-40 Zombies-DuvalSt-41

Keep Calm and Stay Weird.  Stay Weird and Go Pro.

You are so not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Cheers & Enjoy Fantasy Festivities,

The Juggler

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